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Covid-19 Preparedness

Off The Wall Sports has now been reopened since the beginning of June. Players are returning. With Fall and Winter seasons approaching, we want to show you all the things we have done to ensure your safety.

  • We have installed sneeze guards at our front counters.
  • Our player benches have been removed in favor of new, open benches to allow space for social distancing as well as better sterilization.
  • Now player benches have 2 usable entrances/exits.
  • Tables can be set up for social distancing during parties or socializing after games.
  • Doors have been removed from our restrooms for no touch entrance and exit.
  • When temperatures permit, we have fans and louvers that can bring in fresh air. Also, our huge HVAC units constantly bring in fresh air from outside. Our ventilation is very good!
  • Lil’ Kickers number of classes and class sizes have been reduced along with social distancing seating for parents on Saturdays. (Sign up early before they’re all gone).
  • Of course, we have added more sanitation of areas and equipment throughout our day here at Off The Wall Sports! We sterilize player benches and all equipment multiple times per day.

Please consider Off The Wall Sports when you plan your fall and winter sports activities. We are open for Lil; Kickers, Rec Plus youth leagues, High School leagues, Adult leagues, inflatables, parties, and more. We’re here for you and ready to go!

Sneeze Guards & Masks

Open Player Area

2 Doors per Bench

Socialization After Games

No Touch Entrance/Exit

Big Fans for Fresh Air

Social Distancing Seating for Parents

Huge HVAC Units