Adult League Policies

  • Email is the primary form of communication.
  • Please deal directly with the Off The Wall Sports Manager on duty for all team issues.
  • The team is responsible for the bill. Any UNPAID bills could result in player suspensions.
  • Teams pulling out after games schedules have been complete are responsible for the total fee.
  • All players must obtain an Off The Wall Sports Membership. Players with an expired or no membership are ineligible for any adult league games.
  • All players must also have a current waiver form filled out and signed (can also be done online).
  • All players on the team must meet the age requirements for the division. NO EXCEPTIONS! For adult leagues, players must be 18+.
  • Any team using players not on the roster will forfeit the game. Roster challenges must be made before halftime of the game. Off The Wall Sports and the opposing team have the right to exclude any or all guest players from the game.
  • Half of team fees are due the first night of the session. If your team does not have 50% of team fees paid that night, your team will be left off the rest of the schedule. All remaining team fees are to be paid in full before the fourth week of the session. If your team is not paid before your game on the fourth week of the session, your game will not be played and your team will be removed from the remainder of the session.
  • Players may roster on two teams in the same division.
  • Team may roster as many players as desired.
  • MUST be received by Off The Wall Sports no less than 72 hours prior to game day/time. Any Game Reschedule Requests made within 72 hours are not guaranteed.
  • The opposing manager can decline the game reschedule request and accept a win by forfeit or agree to reschedule.
  • Games are not officially rescheduled until the Facility Schedule reflects the game reschedule.
  • Available dates/times are not guaranteed to be available, as other teams/customers may book the time slot at any time.
  • Any changes to the schedule or any rescheduling are the sole responsibility of the team manager. Off The Wall Sports will not credit team fees for games not played. NO EXCEPTIONS!

To reschedule a game:

  1. All game reschedule requests must be made by calling Off The Wall Sports at (317) 580-5900. Please let us know your team name, the date, and the time of the game you would like to reschedule
  2. Off The Wall Sports will email your opposing manager with your game reschedule request. The opposing manager can decline the game reschedule request and accept a win by forfeit or agree to reschedule the game to one of the provided dates. Off The Wall Sports will not credit team fees for games not played. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. The opposing manager is to reply to the email from Off The Wall Sports with a “we agree to reschedule to date/time”, “we’ve agreed to play the game as originally scheduled” or “we reject the game reschedule and accept a forfeit”. The team that did not request a game reschedule may keep the original game time slot for practice time if the game is not rescheduled.


  • Games consist of two 23 minute halves with 1 minute half-time for all age groups.
  • The clock will start on time regardless if teams are ready to play.


  • All players must be in uniform, including shirt with team colors, shin guards and proper shoes (No Studs/Screw-ins). Shoes are to be carried in.
  • Players are required to check in at the desk before each game.
  • Teams caught using illegal players will forfeit the season. Teams are not allowed any guest players.

Currently active FIFA Laws of The Game will apply with the following adaptations:

  • Offside law does not apply.
  • Modifications to the FIFA law regarding passes back to your own goalkeeper.
  • Only one possession with hands is permitted. After the goalkeeper puts the ball in play, if a player on the goalkeeper’s team plays the ball to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper may not use the hands, as provided for under FIFA Laws of the Game.  The ball must be touched by a player on the opposite team before the goalkeeper is once again permitted to use the hands.
  • Note: If the goalkeeper receives the ball from the opposing team and puts it back into play.  Then, hands may not be used again until the ball is touched by the opposing team.
  • Players may pass the ball to their goalkeeper from behind the red line only.  The whole ball must be over the red line when it is played.
  • Penalty for a goalkeeper improperly using the hands is a direct free kick at the top of the arc of the penalty area.
  • Free substitutions may occur during play.  Play does not stop for substitutions.
  • The player must be off the field before the new player enters the field of play.
  • Goalkeepers are not restricted to four steps while releasing the ball into play.
  • During the taking of a free kick.  Defending players must stay 10 feet from the ball.
  • Three line passes in the air are not permitted.  The ball may not be passed in the air across both red lines.  The penalty is a direct kick from the center of the red line from the side of the field where the kick was taken.
  • Players have 5 seconds to place dead balls back into play.  Delay of game penalty may result and the ball is given to the other team.
  • Any ball going outside the dasher boards or touching the net is “out of play”.  “Out of play” is a direct free kick.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • Minor fouls committed inside the penalty area will result in a direct kick to be taken from the top of the penalty arc.
  • Kickoffs do not have to be played forward.
  • Boarding is an automatic 2 minute penalty.
  • Any player using both hands to grip the top of the boards will be penalized for dangerous play.
  • “Throw ins” will be substituted with “kick-ins”.
  • No slide tackling.Two minute penalties may be invoked by the referee for a cautionable offense. 4 minute penalties may be invoked by the referee for a players 2nd cautionable offense or a sending-off offense. During these penalties, the team who received the penalty will play down a player for that duration of time unless they score a goal, which ends the penalty.
  • Over 40 will play with 6 players plus the goalkeeper.  Coed adult teams will play with 6 players plus the goalkeeper.
  • Coed teams must have at least 3 females on the field at all times.  If a Coed team has less than 3 females on the field, the team must play down 1 player for every missing female.
  • A majority vote of coaches and agreement by Off The Wall Sports management is required to further amend these adaptations to the FIFA Laws of The Game.

If a team is unable to appear at their regularly scheduled time for a game, the opposing team can receive a forfeit only if they appear for the game with sufficient numbers of players to play the game.  Off The Wall Sports will not notify teams if their opponent does not intend to play.  The forfeiting team will receive –3 points.  If neither team appears for the game, both teams will receive –3 points.

Player conduct is as follows:

  • Fighting will not be tolerated! Any player engaged in a fight will, at the discretion of the referee, be ejected from the game and subjected to a suspension from Off The Wall Sports.
  • Any player threatening or assaulting an employee or game official of Off The Wall Sports, LLC will be ejected from the league until such time as Off The Wall Sports, LLC grants readmission in writing and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • Teams which are continually engaging in fighting or disruptive behavior may be ejected from the league without notice or refund, at the discretion of Off The Wall Sports, LLC.